Tooth extraction and immediate implantation plus extraction and augmentation.

P7D SGS Implant size 3.75-11.5 mm implant inserted in the area of ​​15 teeth, torque 40.

35 Tooth depulpation cuvette and immediate implantation. The challenge here was the location of the mandibular nerve. From the alveolar ridge to the tooth bud is 10 mm and the nerve is 11 mm. Inserted P7D 5-8 mm. Torque 40.

Additionally inserted P7D 4.2-10 mm in the area of ​​37 teeth.

There were also 45-47 tooth extractions and augmentation with Bone Graft.

Pictures have been taken on the 4th day after the operation.



Surgical Operation performed  by Georgian dentist, orthopedist and implantologist – Mikheil Tsereteli.