Tooth extraction and immediate implantation plus extraction and augmentation using SGS Dental P7D implants

Tooth extraction and immediate implantation plus extraction and augmentation. P7D SGS Implant size 3.75-11.5 mm implant inserted in the area of ​​15 teeth, torque 40. 35 Tooth depulpation cuvette and immediate implantation. The challenge here was the location of the mandibular nerve. From the alveolar ridge to the tooth bud is 10 mm and the […]

Complete maxillary restoration using P7 implants

Short implants with larger diameters in posterior region are the most ideal implants I have ever used which completely eliminate the need of more invasive procedures like sinus lift or bone grafting… Dr Muhammad Umair Farooq BDS, MDS Oral &Maxillofacial Surgeon

Restoration using P7D and P9S implants

Dental restoration using P9S one-piece implants for mandibula and P7D implants for maxilla.

Guided surgery using P7 dental implants

Guided implantology using P7 implants and SKG tool kit. Dr.Stephan Djalev, Nicosia, Cyprus.

CLinical case using P9S One-Piece implants

Another clinical case of using P9S One-Piece implants from SGS Dental. Performed by Dr.Temur Talardava, Georgia.

Immediate implantation

Immediate implantation using SGS Dental implants. Dr.Giorgi Pataraya

Surgical placement of P5D dental implant

Surgigal placement of P5D dental implant by Dr. George Pamborides (Cyprus)        

SBTC surface in action

This case shows how the SBTC surface is active and hydrofilic. P7D dental implant (ø 4.2 mm,  13mm).